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Our Projects

Selected examples of client projects:

Central Geelong CLUE

The Census of Land Use and Employment (CLUE) offers information about economic activity, tracks changes in land use, and identifies key trends in employment for strategic and investment planning.

The City of Greater Geelong CLUE project provides a portrait of the changing nature of life in Central Geelong. A census of over 3500 assessments of commercial, industrial and residential properties within Central Geelong that covers seven suburbs.

We scoped this large-scale project and managed the implementation and delivery to provide the City of Greater Geelong and key stakeholders with information on land use, industry and employment data at street, block and suburb level.

In future this information can be monitored and measured to enable trend analysis at a suburb, region, city and state level.

Central Geelong CLUE


“The City of Greater Geelong is the first Victorian Council to have an integrated, online CLUE system for data collection, analysis and reporting”.

Nancy Multari, CLUE Project Manager
Geelong Advertiser, May 17 2018

City of Boroondara, Measurement of Main Street Special Rate and Charge Scheme Programs

We developed a process and framework to measure and quantify various special rate and charge schemes implemented in the municipality. We collaborated with council and conducted consultations with council and the business community.

We evaluated our research findings and implemented a framework that measured the benefits and success factors. Today, these quantifiable tools are used by council and business associations to demonstrate the benefits to businesses and property owners to support the scheme in future.

Bourke Road, Camberwell, Camberwell Junction, Kew Junction

Bourke Road, Camberwell, Camberwell Junction, Kew Junction – our expertise in retail and small business

City of Melton, Digital Business Strategy 2016-2019

We identified the digital economy gap and prepared a readiness analysis of the municipality to enable the business community to position itself for the digital economy and the technological advances ahead.

We geographically mapped Council’s digital infrastructure coverage and local business activity to enable the business community to position itself for the digital economy and the technological advances ahead. Our background research contributed to council’s digital business strategy. This was one of the first, Victorian metropolitan councils to develop and launch such a comprehensive digital strategy.

City of Brimbank, Activity Centre Performance Reporting of Municipal Activity Centres

Brimbank City Council, Muncipality Activity Centres
Brimbank City Council, Muncipality Activity Centres

We conducted a triple bottom line research and analysis of the City of Brimbank’s two major activity centres with a special rate and charge scheme with structure plans.

We conducted consultations and a regional analysis, and development of a strategy and program to report on a program to monitor the performance of activity centres. Our work established a range of indicators that relate to the performance criteria for two activity centres with the aim to review annually to identify trends.

ICT Business and Digital Technology
facilitation, workshop and business training

The global digital economy is transforming the way we work, live and play. Technological advancements present new opportunities to access knowledge, information and services that will progressively advance your organisation in ways you could never have imagined.

Government and industry organisations engage us to assist businesses to understand the opportunities offered by digital technologies in the areas of free or low-cost business tools, applications and solutions to increase productivity, social media and marketing.

We assist businesses to understand how they can take advantage of high speed broadband technology, social media and low-cost digital technologies to develop and grow sustainable businesses. 

We continue to facilitate business training workshops for small and medium businesses, local government management, its business community, and business association groups to help them develop skills in e-marketing, ICT and the digital economy.