“Knowledge is power. We tell you the who, why, when and where so you can deliver the what.”

Strategic business planning and analysis

  • strategic business plans and strategies.
  • qualitative and quantitative research and analysis for policy planning
    • economic, employment and social activities, business land use and space use;
    • supply and demand, trends, measurement of awareness, success and economic impact research studies;
    • census and online business, community and event surveys, implementation and evaluation.
  • measuring the qualitative benefit of special rate charge schemes.
  • activity centre performance monitoring and measurement studies.
  • business advisor to government, trader associations, small to medium businesses.
  • business and community engagement and facilitation.
  • stakeholder visioning workshops.
  • business profiles and case studies.
  • advocacy, marketing and communications plans and campaigns.
  • business process improvement.
  • cost / benefit analysis and feasibility studies.
  • tender and funding submissions.
  • procedural and management plans (emergency and business operations).

Project Management

  • end to end delivery of business and community projects
  • project framework development
  • project steering committee management
  • manage process and development of special rates and charges schemes
  • event management (corporate, project launches and award ceremonies)

Information and Communications Technology, Digital Technology

  • ICT and digital business strategies
  • digital economy gap and readiness analysis
  • database management and data modelling
  • marketing, business training and digital technology workshops